EILAT STONE - The Great Comforter

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EILAT STONE - The Great Comforter

THE EILAT STONE - The Great Comforter

The Eilat Stone was first discovered during the time of King Solomon in the copper mines near Eilat in Israel.Its deep blue, turquoise and green swirls are a soothing combination of malachite, chrysocolla, turquoise, azurite and cuprite. It is said to bring luck and good fortune to financial affairs. Eilat Stone essence is a deeply calming and comforting essence. It creates a connection between the heart, higher heart and throat chakras to heal emotional issues, especially where one has suffered rape, incest or physical violence. It re-integrates soul fragments by removing subtle level emotional blockages created by soul-shattering events in current or previous lives, so releasing one from past hurts, grief and trauma. This essence develops one's psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance, and facilitates clear meditation. It restores a proper flow of energies between the chakras to release stress, tension, fear and depressive tendencies. It instils a positive outlook, fortifies the memory and enhances intellect. It helps one bounce back from failures, and offers wisdom and creative solutions to problem solving.

Links to pain, inflammation, fractures, bone and tissue regeneration, toxin removal, tumours, mouth, sinuses, thymus heart, circulatory system, feet problems, pineal and pituitary glands, insomnia, liver imbalances, thyroid, adrenal issues, PMT, tissue regeneration and nutrient assimilation.