DIOPSIDE - Heart Warmer

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DIOPSIDE - Heart Warmer

Diopside Heart Warmer

This Diopside essence was made from a beautiful, bright emerald-coloured crystal, mined in Russia. It increases awareness of the Twin Flame divine love energy in order to enhance self-love and compassion for others. It synchronizes planetary and personal energy fields and is excellent for enhancing recovery from trauma, balancing emotions, releasing stress and helping one to relax. It balances one's feminine side and is helpful for ladies during their menopausal years. It energizes,cleanses and balances all the chakras, but particularly focuses on the heart chakra to release stubbornness, aggression, sudden bursts of anger, jealousy or a tendency to blame others for any issues tha tarise in one's life. It reconnects one to the healing energies of the plant and animal kingdoms, and instills deep peace and tranquility.It enhances mental clarity, stimulates intellectual faculties and improves the assimilation of information. It you feel misunderstood or overwhelmed with the difficulties of life it aligns you with the higher forces of the Universe through Mother Earth's connection to your heart, to soothe and balance your emotions, increase your consciousness and help put your problems into perspective.
Links to: muscular spasms and aches, circulation system, heart, high blood pressure, lungs, weakness due to physical exertion, emphysema,asthma, inflammation, homeostasis, glucose metabolism, sugar balance,fever, kidneys, elimination of toxins, female hormones, reproductive organs, alkaline balance, mouth, teeth, throat, oesophagus.