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This Divine Light Template Essence was made at Glastonbury in red and white spring water with Alabandite, Anandalite, Auralite 23, Diamonds and a Quartz heart in an alabaster bowl, with added French Rose essence, and Ajoite, Cryolite, Diopside, Morganite, Rainbow Lattice Sunstone, Seraphinite and Tibetan Black Quartz gem essences.

KEYWORDS: Twin Flame Divine Love, bliss, male/female polarities, spiritual evolution, vibrational shift, Alta Major chakra development, Alpha brainwave, expanding consciousness, spiritual advancement, dimensional shift, chakra realignment, removing emotional programming, blocking mind control, stress relief, meditation enhancement, overcoming emotional extremes, grounding, stress relief.

Our Earth was created from a blueprint (template) for the purpose of existing in the 3rd dimension. But included in its design was the plan to rise into a higher dimensional existence within a given time frame. However, the Earth's original blueprint was interfered with and catastrophically damaged, thus slowing down the naturally planned progression for all life,including us; its guardian beings. In recent years much work has been done by higher dimensional beings to disentangle the Earth and her inhabitants from the limitations placed upon them, that have held back consciousness expansion and spiritual advancement. A new template was created to restore and re-activate the Earth's original template. This new template, the Diamond Light Template, is composed of myriads of sub-microscopic, higher dimension light filaments that sparkle like diamonds, and also have the ability to exhibit all the colours of the rainbow within a clear matrix. The Diamond Light Template is one of several templates or blueprints that have been added into the inner fabric of the Earth, in order to throw off the alterations and distortions to its original DNA genetic key patterns.This Diamond Light Template naturally purges many thousands of years of imbalance, distortion, belief patterns and manipulations that have been perpetuated within the Earth's crystalline structure and in within the human DNA and its records. As the Diamond Light Template restores and replaces the original Earth blueprint it also naturally reactivates the original divine human genetic key patterns, through the intake of all food and drink that the Earth provides.

However, certain obstacles have been put in the way of the Diamond Light Template's speedy activation of our original human genetic key patterns. These include the worsening imbalance between our left and right brain hemispheres, with the masculine side becoming more and more dominant, the "calcifying” of our Pineal glands though the intake of fluoride, leading to an inability to use our inner intuition and advance our consciousness, strong electromagnetic currents from cell phones etc., that interfere with our brainwaves' ability to recognize the Schumann Resonance, which regulates our brainwave speeds, (particularly the Alpha brainwave which instigates an anxiety-free, calm, relaxed and meditative state), the DNA-inherited control implants, mass brainwashing and the introduction of vibration-lowering toxins into our bodies through medical, environmental and food sources.

So the Diamond Light Template combination essence has been created to enhance and augment the beneficial action of the Diamond Light Template that is implanted in the Earth. 

Tibetan black quartz essence is a very powerful protector. It creates a bubble of light around the body, that allows only positive vibrations to penetrate the auric field. It helps one to integrate and use higher dimensional light for whatever is needed for spiritual growth. It  also clears psychic debris from the auric field, allowing more high frequency light to pass through. It balances all the chakras and the meridian system.  It is also very soothing and helps one to enter a meditative state. Alabandite and Tibetan Black Quartz keep one centred and grounded though this time of change, so that one can act in an orderly and coordinated manner, for calm and sensible decision making. Clear Quartz essence removes thought forms, seals the aura and protects one against adverse environmental influences. The essence made from the sparkly white Crylite crystal purifies the subtle bodies, so that higher states of awareness can be achieved with ease. It overcomes indecision and frees one from constraints of outmoded belief systems or emotional programming. It blocks mind control, and clears etheric pests, implants, and lower astral plane parasites.

This combination essence also has the equally, if not more, important task of helping to draw the higher dimensional Twin Flame divine love energy into our beings.

When Human twin souls encounter each other for the first time, it results in a great multi-dimensional flame of ecstatic divine love soaring upwards and out of the Earth's atmosphere into cosmic space, where it is gathered and stored for future use. This Twin Flame divine love energy, from ours and other planets in our galaxy, is currently being directed into our 3rd dimensional beings, to assist our timely and long awaited ascension process into a higher, less dense, less negative dimension. The Twin flame energy enters our beings through the Alta Major chakra, situated at the back of the skull.

One of the first purposes of the Twin Flame divine energy is to restore harmony to the function of the Amygdala. This tiny almond-shaped organ, sitting below the hypothalamus in the brain, is responsible for processing emotions that have arisen from external stimuli. It immediately stimulates the appropriate response using instinct or learnt memory, to elicit the right response to fear, anger, sadness or pleasure. For instance; the Amygdala stimulates the production of serotonin in response to a positive, pleasurable stimulus, or the production of adrenaline in response to a threatening, frightening stimulus.  Electromagnetic pollution, and the introduction of harmful pharmaceuticals and heavy metals into the body have caused the amygdala to become negatively hyperactive, as it is instinctively forced to keeping firing-up the production of adrenaline in response to an invisible, artificially produced, electromagnetic enemy and/or being poisoned by an imbibed toxin, both of which interfere with the body's well-being and function regulation. This leads to a base line of negative emotional states in people, who find themselves living in a constant state of adrenaline-fuelled high alertness, that eventually leads to continuous irritability, anxiety, tension, stress, anger, aggressiveness, lack of sleep and utter exhaustion.

However, every ordinary human has an overriding need to be loved, nurtured, cared for and valued. This need is exactly what the Twin Flame divine love energy provides. The ability to receive and benefit from this wonderful gift is assisted by the Ajoite, Seraphinite and Rainbow Lattice Sunstone essences in this combination. They open the floodgate (the developed Alta Major chakra) to enable one to receive the maximum amount of incoming divine love, and to lift one's emotions and spirit up to a higher plane. Ajoite and Auralite 23 essences calm excessive anger, anxiety, fear and over-active thought processes. The Seraphinite essence carries divine love, in the form of divine harmony, into our crystal light bodies and our subtle DNA. The essence made from the beautiful, diamond-like, pink Morganite crystal strongly connects with the Twin Flame divine love energy, bringing it into our conscious awareness. It also encourages compassion for others and replaces anxiety and stress with peace, joy and inner strength. Auralite 23 initiates the creation of  a cosmic anchor between the core of the Earth and the Galactic centre, in order to build up the levels of higher dimension light on Earth, in readiness for our entry into higher dimensions. It de-calcifies the Pineal gland to increase one's consciousness, and protects one against the invasion of one's mind by others' negative thoughts or beliefs. Diamond essence acts as a transducer to make the Diamond Light Template and Twin Flame high dimensional energies more available to 3rd dimensional consciousnesses, in order to speed up enlightenment and aid spiritual evolution. It heals holes in the aura, counteracts toxins and facilitates new beginnings. It also clears one's aura of density and infuses all energetic levels of one's being with a full spectrum of light energy. Alabaster makes one aware of  unseen negative energies, so that one can avoid them where necessary, and so prevent the Amygdala from triggering the anxiety-causing fight or flight response.The essence made from the magical, naturally iridescent Anandalite clear quartz cluster activates the soul star and stellar gateway chakras. It purifies and aligns the whole chakra system to higher frequencies, and harmonizes the new higher human vibrations with the New Earth, by integrating duality (male/female energies) into unity. It gently rebuilds one's energy patterns to accommodate the massive energy shift into enlightenment here on Earth. In doing so it enables crystal beings and plant spirit essences to anchor into and imbue every part of our beings with the new Diamond Light Template and Twin Flame divine love higher dimensional energies. This action causes the deconstruction of any detrimental older energy structures. Diopside is a very special clear, green crystal. It has a strong connection to Mother Earth. It assists Anandalite to reconnect one to the healing energies of the plant and animal kingdom. Diopside essence's strong energy helps to synchronize planetary and personal energy fields through the heart. It instills deep peace, contentment and tranquility. The red rose is a well-known symbol of love. The Languedoc red rose essence draws the twin Flame divine love energy deep into our beings. It also carries a memory of the natural Earth energy vortex it was potentised above. So it works with the Rainbow Lattice Sunstone essence to strongly attract the Twin Flame divine love energy though the Alta Major chakra  into the heart chakra. Then it circulates in subtle waves though us within the newly formed Universal Light network, until it passes through the Earth Star chakra into the Earth below our feet. It swirls on downwards (due to gravity and the spin of the Earth) until it is safely pulled into the Diamond Light Template. Then it is drawn back up into our beings again via the food and drink we consume, to help us move more quickly through our spiritual advancement cycle, that will lead to a vibrational shift from the 3rd dimension into a higher, less dense dimension, as planned from the very start of our existence on Earth. (As above so below!) 

N.B. The Diamond Light Template essences are especially good at calming the mind, so that we can reach a relaxed meditative state in which to easily contact our higher selves and spirit guides, for assistance and guidance when we need it.

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