D. DEMETER - HOPE - Green Ray

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D. DEMETER - HOPE - Green RayDEMETER - HOPE - Green Ray

With Snowdrop, Hellebore, Ivy, Nicotiana, Plumeria, Thyme, Brazilianite, Green Tourmaline, Emerald and Peridot essences.


Keywords: Empathy, nurturing, harmony, servitude, guilt, hopelessness.
Demeter, the Greek Goddess of the harvest, lost her daughter Persephone to Hades, God of the Underworld. In her deep depression she neglected the land, and all the crops died. Finally she found Persephone, but was only allowed to keep her for half of each year. The crops grew again until Persephone returned once again to the Underworld. Demeter symbolises duality, as in Summer and Winter, night and day, and good and evil. Green ray types seek harmony and balance in everything they do, and can often be found nurturing others over their difficulties with home cooked food and little treats.
In Balance: These types are comforting and nurturing souls, always providing hope and encouraging others not to give up. They are interested in nature, the healing arts and nutrition. They make good cooks, nurses, gardeners, masseurs and herbalists. They thrive best when they live in green airy or watery environments. They are happiest when they take regular outdoor exercise, and are surrounded by children, good food, love and friendship.
Out of balance: They become exhausted and ill through nurturing anyone and everyone but themselves. Then they experience guilt and a loss of self-worth, because they are unable to help anyone. They are very susceptible to emotional blackmail from family members, and often find themselves looking after sick parents as well as their own family, with sometimes a job to do as well. As they try to meet all others demands, they have no time for that "breathing space" for themselves, that these types really need. When they are exhausted they may become depressed, ill, lose hope, or gain weight by snacking or not eating properly.
When to use: Use this essence to restore hope, self-worth, emotional well-being and equilibrium. Use it to remove blocks to receiving, to increase empathy, nurturing skills, or to stimulate the mothering instinct. Use essence to encourage compromise and harmonious resolution in difficult situations, such as divorce or family problems. It stimulates an ability to say no, especially where one’s naturally helpful nature is abused. Use it to alleviate a feeling of guilt when needing to put one’s own welfare first.