CUPRITE (Crimson) - The High Priestess

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CUPRITE (Crimson) - The High PriestessCUPRITE (Crimson) - The High Priestess

Cuprite is an intensely energetic stone of feminine power, representing the archetype of the High Priestess. Itís a powerful stone for rebalancing the feminine aspect of both men and women. Cuprite essence strengthens the base chakra at the bottom of the spine. It helps to release irrational anxieties and unconscious terror connected to past and current life traumas. This ascension stone "can initiate and augment the etherisation of the blood" through linking the etheric body and base chakra with the body, for the transfusion of high frequency patterns into the blood stream from higher dimensions. "This is an essential aspect of light body awakening" and will therefore help to promote "a great expansion of consciousness" in mankind. (Comments on Crimson Cuprite by Robert Simmons from The Book of Stones). It energises the kundalini in the base of the spine, which is especially helpful for "low energy" types, whose base chakras may be weak or blocked. Helps one to overcome feelings of powerlessness. Encourages one to leave the past behind and be reborn in the now, as a new radiant being. Cuprite is for those who are unable to receive from others, or who block themselves from manifesting what they want. Helpful for those wishing to birth their creative projects. A few drops an be taken under the tongue or in water. A few drops can also be rubbed into the soles of the feet, particularly just below the centre of the ball of each foot where the "wellspring of life" acupuncture point is located. (NB: This gem essence has been made using the "indirect" method). Links to vitality, reproduction, lungs, circulation, prostate, bowel, fertility, sexual organs, menstruation, menopause, female hormones, post birth problems, consciousness expansion.