COVELLITE- Karmic Release

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COVELLITE- Karmic ReleaseCOVELLITE - Karmic Release

Covellite is a unique dark blue stone with a metallic blue sheen. It is an important essence for overcoming karmic causes of disease. It releases ingrained beliefs and programming from other lives, that may be holding you back from accomplishing your goals. It strengthens one's connection to the higher self, enhances the subtle energy flow through cells and removes stagnant energy. It stimulates past life recall, and can help to reveal knowledge and wisdom from Atlantean and other ancient times. It enhances rational thought and decision making skills, overcomes discontent, anxiety and despondency, strengthens creativity, and promotes self-love. It helps one to come to terms with one's sexual orientation, improving libido where required.Links to sinuses, ears, nose, throat, mouth, birth, radiation, fungus problems, malignant overgrowth.