CISTUS (Cistus creticus) (Magdalene Essence)

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CISTUS (Cistus creticus) (Magdalene Essence)Keywords: Purification, releasing emotions, emotional catharsis, shifting karmic patterns.
This plant was called the Rose of Sharon in Biblical times. It has striking magenta or white blossoms, and grows wild on the Garrigues (limestone scrubland) of Languedoc. It is the original source of the resin Labdanum, which was used to heal wounds, to promote a meditational state, and as a fumigant to protect one from infection. The essence was made at Rennes Le Chateau. Use Cistus essence to balance the element of water within you. It promotes the purification and release of disharmonious emotions. Use it where emotions have been shut down, especially following trauma. The essence is helpful for those people who are afraid they might lose their minds in the face of trauma or personal loss. It initiates the release of the deepest and most ancient negative karmic patterns, which are sometimes our own, or sometimes inherited on a subtle level from our ancestors. The Cistus flower is uniquely gifted with being able to assist us in the struggle between our human (ego) and divine (spirit) sides (also known as duality by the Cathars). This is especially so where the illusion of human frailty and inherent evilness, leading to our presumed need to suffer to get to Heaven, has been imposed upon us by mainstream religion, in order to give them power and control over "their flock". With intent, Cistus essence can free the mind to find out where true divinity lies.
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