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Artificial Inner Construct Removal

Chlorite is a soft, deep green Magnesium Iron aluminium silicate mineral, that is most often found within clear quartz crystals. Chlorite resonates with  Raphael, the Archangel of healing and purification. Chlorite has incredible cleansing energies that are amplified by the quartz crystal it is held within. It energetically removes all toxins, to completely purify one's energy field.  Its primary purpose, when made into a gem essence, is to remove artificial, subtle level constructs that have been deliberately created for the purpose of creating a permanent long lasting, ancestral platform or base for negative attachments/entities/subtle level blocks/energetic implants/erroneous belief patterns/subtle level symbols or harmful cultural/race/war/religious templates to be able to hook onto. The constructs look like coathangers or boomerangs that attach to bony structures, like the spine, the ribs, shoulders, hips or limb bones. It is believed they may be a causative factor in experiencing fleeting pain in the body for no reason, and for some bodies to create bony spurs in response to the construct's blockage of subtle energy flows along meridians and nadis. Chlorite Phantom Quartz essence unblocks the energy flows in meridians and successively realigns all levels of one's being with optimum soul energy and it is excellent for use in psychic surgery. This essence also helps alleviate anxiety and panic attacks and discharge excessive or unbalanced energies .
Links to genetic modification, cellular memory reprogramming, bipolar disorder, the proliferation of helpful bacteria to help the gut flora and fauna, (rub a drop or to round the belly area) the immune system, assimilation of minerals and vitamins.