CHERRY PLUM (Bach Flower)

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CHERRY PLUM (Bach Flower)CHERRY PLUM - Fear of loss of self-control or sanity, delusions, nervous breakdown, irrational or compulsive thoughts, uncontrollable temper, hysteria, inner peace, serenity 

Cherry Plum essence is for those who are afraid they might lose their self control or their sanity due to extreme stress, trauma or pain. It's for those who feel desperate, irrational or suicidal. They may have obsessive fears, uncontrolled outbreaks of rage or destructive impulses. They can be prone to mental breakdown, and may find it difficult to let go of a problem.The essence provides strength to deal with and release fears or fixations. It instils a feeling of being guided and protected by a higher power. It promotes a calm, stable, resilient state of mind, despite experiencing extreme stress.