CAVANSITE - Inner Sight

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CAVANSITE - Inner SightCAVANSITE - Inner Sight

The essence made from this beautiful, vivid ultramarine crystal rosette works on the fifth and sixth chakras. It stimulates insight, clairvoyance, clairaudience and spiritual enlightenment. It enhances channelling abilities and promotes connection to one's inner knowledge, new guides and to the Akashic records. Use this essence also to assist past life exploration, to free the mind of inner chatter when meditating, and to calm those who are restless at night. It helps one to leave past trauma behind at its source, so that it no longer adversely affects the current or future lifetimes. Cavansite counters stress and overcomes apathy, confusion or lack of direction. It helps teachers and writers with the gift of clear, concise and succinct communication. It neutralises ingrained destructive behaviour and stuck throught patterns. Links to stress induced problems, endorphins release, conductivity of electrical impulses, cellular memory, eyes, teeth, throat, tinnitus, recurrent disease, bone loss, joint flexibility, migraine, headaches and the pulse.