CAT'S EYE - Guardian

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It is claimed that Cat's Eye will protect one from evil. This crystal is a form of Chrysoberyl that has rutile inclusions. It is these tiny inclusions that cause a strong band of light to appear across the face of a cabochon of Cat's Eye. Cat's Eye essence offers protection from negative influences. In business it is particularly effective in safeguarding one from a hidden enemy. It instils a wonderful sense of peace within one's energy field, that neutralises the need to be in control of all aspects of one's life. It enhances psychic abilities and facilitates better communication with higher dimensional beings, such as angels, ascended masters and extraterrestials. It overcomes hesitancy, promotes positive thoughts, enhances awareness and generosity, and instils confidence, steadfastness, moral courage, determination, tenacity, resolve, self-control, and inner worth.Links to eye disorders, night vision, headaches, energy reserves, convalescence, the nervous system, facial and sciatic nerve problems, pancreas, liver, lymph nodes, male reproduction organ imbalances, cholesterol, spleen, kidneys and blood sugar balance.!