CASANOVA (Lily and Gem Essence)

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CASANOVA (Lily and Gem Essence)CASANOVA - Arum Lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica) and Fire Opal gem essence

Keywords: Sexuality, sensuality, passion, fertility.

Associated with imbalances of the sacral chakra. Harmonises emotional and physical relationships and leads to acceptance of one’s natural sexual desires. Instils respect for loved ones. Helps one move on from rape, sexual abuse, sexual hang-ups and marital discord. Heals the emotional trauma of miscarriage, abortion, hysterectomy or not being able to conceive.
(N.B. If taking this essence to normalize libido, after having ascertained the amount of drops needed per dosage, take one dosage shortly, say for example half an hour before required. Repeat the dosage each time it is required to normalize libido.)
(Angina, blood pressure problems and medication for high blood pressure may limit one's ability to achieve an erection, so this essence is not designed to help anyone specifically suffering from these particular problems.)

Links to libido, reproductive hormones, womb, ovaries, prostate, orgasm, ejaculation.