CANDLE QUARTZ - Releasing Karmic Inheritance

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CANDLE QUARTZ - Releasing Karmic Inheritance
CANDLE QUARTZ - Releasing karmic inheritance
Candle Quartz has an unusual clear central crystal, with myriads of tiny white or coloured, flattened crystal points clinging to the sides of the main body of the crystal, making it look like set candle wax that has overflowed down the sides of a candle. It seems to have been formed when changing geological conditions stopped the main crystal growth, but then later new crystals with slightly different properties began to form around the sides of the original crystal. 
Candle Quartz is a light bringer for the planet and for those assisting the changes in vibration. The essence releases negative emotions that have been unnecessarily and subconsciously held on to, by working in the past life chakras behind the ears, (where memories of previous lives are stored, together with ingrained soul programmes and emotional baggage) to clear deeply negative and damaging experiences in one's karmic inheritance and ancestral line. It clears past life vows, instigates abundance and relieves mental or emotional stress that has unknown causes. It opens the higher heart chakra, and helps to clear soul wounds in the karmic etheric body that can recreate psychosomatic illnesses through subtle DNA memory traces.  Candle Quartz essence dissipates feelings of despair and oppression and replaces them with inner tranquillity. It restores trust where your heart or inner child has been deeply hurt. It brings your guardian angel closer and connects you with the God self within to remind you that you are never really alone. It improves body image and self confidence.  
Links to conversion of carbohydrates into energy and insulin regulation.