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Keywords: Fear, panic, trauma, shock, hysteria, over-excitability, re-balancing, soothing.
(The "Rescue Remedy" essence for animals).
Ingredients: Chamomile, Beech, Clematis, Cherry Plum, Chestnut Bud, Citrine, Honeysuckle, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem and Vervain Blue Chalcedony, Citrine, Dalmation Stone, Dravidite, Lithium Quartz, Magnesite, Morion Quartz and Pearl flower and gem essences.
This essence is is really the animal version of Bach's "Rescue" essence, but with added essences, to cover a broader spectrum of symptoms caused by the stresses of twenty-first century life. This essence is for an animal who has become frightened due to pain, perceived danger or a a sudden change in circumstances. It may react by becoming aggressive, rushing about, going into shock or not eating. But if your animal is habitually nervous or highly-strung try "Nervous Pet" essence instead. Calm Pet is best for an animal that is normally stable and calm, except in unusual situations. Citrine alleviates emotional trauma. Rock Rose is for giddiness and for animals who are likely to die of terror or shock, such as little birds. Star of Bethlehem is for anaesthetising emotional shock and trauma, and for animals about to undergo an operation. Chamomile is calming, and Pearl and Clematis are for animals in a state of nervous collapse or shock. Cherry Plum is for loss of self-control, and Impatiens is for aggression caused by pain, fear or illness. Honeysuckle is for an animal that just gives up, and Beech is for animals who go rigid or attack when someone tries to help them. Vervain is for calming animals that get hyperactive and over-excited as a reaction to a new, strange situation. Chestnut bud is to help an animal to learn to cope with a generally harmless, but to them a frightening experience, that re-occurs on a regular basis. (For example I knew of a horse that was frightened by a red telephone box at the end of the road where he lived). This essence is for horses that bite, kick or rear up when badly frightened, for animals who hate to be in confined spaces, for those who shake and shiver or suffer uncontrollable panic, for those who try to escape from their rescuers or cages, and for animals who won't eat for days after a very frightening experience.
N.B. Calm Pet essence should be used for the emotional well-being of an animal, in conjunction with veterinary care for itís physical well-being. Where an animal has been frightened, but is not in need of veterinary care, a few drops can be added to water for the animal to drink. However, more effective in most cases, (especially where the animal might need to go to a vet), is to put a few drops in an atomiser and spray over the animals coat, avoiding the eyes and mouth. A few drops put on the hand and stroked into the animalís coat is also effective at calming an animal too, where the animal has not become dangerous to approach.
(I remember putting some drops in my hand and just stroking it over a young robin that had been caught by my cat. I put it on top of the shed roof. He sat tight there for a while with his eyes closed. After a little while I went to check up on him. As I approached he opened one eye, and with a surprised look, that seemed to say "Gosh, Iím still alive then", he flapped his little wings and flew away).