CALENDULA (Calendula officinalis) (Magdalene essence)

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CALENDULA (Calendula officinalis) (Magdalene essence)Keywords: Inner sunshine, healing unhappy emotions, insecurity, uneasiness, adjusting to frequency changes, vulnerability.
In ancient Palestine there was a golden yellow species of Calendula, specific to the area around the Dead Sea and the hills around Galilee. It was macerated in olive oil, and used to heal wounds and prevent infection. Calendula’s English name is Marigold (Mary’s Gold), but this plant was named after Mary Magdalene, not the Virgin Mary. In the New Testament it is the Magdalene who is known for her use of fragrant oils and healing balms. The Languedoc is the only place in Europe where the Palestinian Calendula species can be found. This essence was made at Rennes Le Chateau, which has a famously ornate church dedicated to Mary Magdalene there. Calendula essence is for those who yearn for the radiance of the sun, or for when one feels unsupported by life. It promotes a sense of security when feeling unsafe or uneasy, without knowing why. This essence electromagnetically strengthens and aligns the boundaries between each of the subtle bodies. So use it when you have had a shock, or have been emotionally knocked off centre. Use it if your energy fields feel unstable or you need grounding. This sun-filled essence lessens irritability, helps one to adjust to new ideas, and to handle the demands of life better. It is good for attracting higher frequencies into one’s being and for alleviating energy depletion during periods of transition or consciousness raising, as well as for counteracting resistance to conscious spiritual growth.
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