CACOXENITE - The Ascension Stone

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Cacoxenite was first discovered in Bohemia, in the Czech Republic. It presents itself as golden or orange, feather-like strands within clear Quartz or Amethyst. It is thought be an important mineral for raising the spiritual awareness of the human race at this present time. Cacoxenite essence opens the crown chakra, to fill up one's energy fields with the highest spiritual light, for the purpose of raising one energetic vibrations and heightening one's sense of spiritual awareness. In meditation, it strengthens one’s connection with spirit guides or guardian angels, and can also take one deep into soul memories, in order to find one's life purpose. The essence reduces stress, repairs imbalances of the crown, brow and solar plexus chakras to dissolve and repel discordant energies, cut emotional ties, and protect one's energy fields from negative thoughts/attachments. It invigorates the mind and helps to make one more receptive to new ideas. It combats fear and stress and helps one to solve financial problems. It is a highly sustaining and uplifting essence for when one is facing some kind of emotional turmoil. Links to cellular replenishment and regeneration, digestive imbalances, allergies, nutrient assimilation, anti-ageing, cellular disorders, heart and lungs, adrenal, thyroid, and hormonal imbalances, parasites, respiratory problems and infections, warts and moles.