BRUCITE - Decision Time

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BRUCITE - Decision TimeBRUCITE - Decision Time

Brucite is found in California. The gemstone is a mass of tiny, pretty, sky blue stones, held in a soft white matrix, This stone/essence is most helpful for helping one to deal with people who fluctuate, vacillate or constantly change their minds, especially in a group situation, where a firm decision needs to be decided upon, (such as in jury service, board meetings or family/marital financial decisions). It stimulates mental acuity and insightful "eureka" moments when trying to find simple, uncomplicated solutions to problems. It lightens the atmosphere, and raises the spirits. It takes the heat out of over-intense discussions between members of a group, improves the group interaction and encourages cohesion of purpose. Either add a few drops of the essence to a jug of water to be drunk during a group meeting, or put a few drops in water in an atomiser to spray around a meeting room before the group arrives.Links to throat chakra, pain, headaches, migraines, neuralgia, furred arteries, joints, excess alkalinity, bi-polar disorders.