BLUE GROMWELL (Buglossoides purpurocaerulea) (Magdalene Essence)

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BLUE GROMWELL (Buglossoides purpurocaerulea) (Magdalene Essence) Keywords: Flexibility, going with the flow, acceptance.

These pretty blue flowers were made into an essence near the Madeleine source on the river Blanque. This wonderful, spiritual elixir is full of the Magdalene’s determination to express her empowering knowledge, whilst also having the flexibility to go with the flow, to avoid martyrdom. Blue Gromwell encourages one to make the best of a situation one cannot change. It disentangles emotional knots, and encourages freedom of the energetic flows that course through our subtle bodies. It helps to free one from rigid thinking and narrow-minded attitudes. It dispels inappropriate mental programming, beliefs and brain-washing from this life and from past lives. It aids meditation by calming the mind, and gently releasing tension and negative emotions. It aligns and balances chakras by releasing, adding to and directing the appropriate energies to each of them. Links to digestion, tension, cramp and muscular contraction.