BLIZZARD STONE - Biomagnetic Shield Strengthener/Karmic Imprint Removal

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BLIZZARD STONE - Biomagnetic Shield Strengthener/Karmic Imprint Removal
BLIZZARD STONE - Biomagnetic Shield Strengthener/Karmic blueprint removal

This essence was made from a good quality chunk of the striking Blizzard Stone. Blizzard Stone is now becoming more difficult to source. It was originally discovered in the Alaskan wilderness in the late 1900s , and is named for its covering of white snowflake-like speckles on a pure black background.  It is a powerful combination of Olivine, Chlorite, Muscovite, Serpentine, Chrome Garnet, Actinolite, Magnetite and Biotite, at least, but is often mistaken for Gabbro, Merlinite, Snowflake Obsidian or Guinea Fowl Jasper. However, it can be distinguished from any other white speckled stones with a black background by its lack of a shiny surface, even when polished.  The comforting and stabilising stone/essence is a powerful protector from electromagnetic smog, emanating from cell phones, computers, wi-fi etc.  (It does this by strengthening ones' biomagnetic shield, plus grounding and connecting one to the Earth's natural geomagnetic pulse. (Our biomagnetic shield is a subtle, organised electromagnetic energy field surrounding the body, which is comprised of emotional, mental, ancestral, karmic and spiritual layers.)
This powerful essence can also remove from one's karmic blueprint, held in the Akashic records, any incidences of persecution, prejudice, racial hatred or discrimination, whether as a perpetrator or victim, that were believed originally to have been initiated by the alien implantation of a "war gene" in our genetic make-up.  Blizzard Stone essence stimulates Kundalini energies, gently enhances spiritual evolution, and provides comfort and stability during the ascension process, helping to counteract dizziness, headaches and spaciness caused by energetic overload. It aligns and balances chakras and meridians, and also balances energetic polarities, such as right/left brainwave transmissions. It brings flashes of inspiration and mercurial thinking abilities. It is especially helpful to empaths, who can be thrown off centre by the emotional energies of others. It reverses aggression, hatred, anti-social behaviour, oppression and violence, and reduces hysterics and dramatics. 
Links to hot flashes, cellular swelling, infections, immune system, bruising, sprains, fevers, alkalinity of body, cardiovascular regulation, heartbeat, blood oxygenation.