BASTNASITE- Catalyst for Change

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BASTNASITE- Catalyst for ChangeBASTNASITE - Catalyst for change

Bastnasite is a translucent, soft orange, high vibration gemstone. Bastnasite essence is a catalyst for change. It stimulates the base and sacral chakras, promoting one's ability to manifest one's dreams and plans, but also helping one to let go of unrealistic goals or expectations. It overcomes anxiety, releases fear of the unknown and enables one to feel and express emotions without being overwhelmed by them. It assists one in becoming less sensitive to things that have previously caused upset. Links to all blockages in base or sacral chakras, anxiety, personality or eating disorders, joint stiffness, chronic back pain, IBS, PMT, renal, reproductive or rectal disorders, muscle cramps, fluid retention, impotence, allergies, Diabetes, liver, urinary infections, intestinal dysfunction. Take the essence by mouth or massage a few drops of it into the base and sacral chakras.