AZEZTULITE (GOLD) - Messenger of Light

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AZEZTULITE (GOLD) - Messenger of LightAZEZTULITE (Gold) - Messenger of light

This light gold-coloured quartz and mica-based gemstone is a new discovery, recently found in North Carolina. Gold Azeztulite is a messenger of light. It brings a deep infusion of the gold-white light ray into the body, mind and heart, for light body awakening. It stimulates the third eye, heart and crown chakras. It can re-integrate lost soul parts back into the body, and also promotes the spiritual evolution and enlightenment of humanity. Enhances empathy with others. Take a few drops by mouth under the tongue, or in water. A few drops can also be rubbed on the solar plexus chakra, or any of the minor chakras such as the liver, palms of the hands or soles of the feet, for cleansing the chakras and clearing one of attachments, negative energies or entities.