ATTRACTION (Lily and gem essence)

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ATTRACTION (Lily and gem essence)ATTRACTION - Kaffir Lily (Schizostylis coccinea) and Copper gem essence

Keyword: Magnetic personality.

Associated with imbalances of the base and sacral chakras. Essence helps to fill one with self-confidence. Boosts your message when you need guidance and help from partners, friends, guides, children, relatives, work colleagues or customers. It is helpful to make up an affirmation when you take this essence, so that the universe and your higher self are clear about what you want help with - e.g. "I draw in the person(s) I need for .. purpose." Say the affirmation three times with each dose for as long as you need the essence.

Links to electrical impulses, geomagnetic radiation, left-right brain, red corpuscles and iron.