ASTARALINE- Light Body Awakening

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ASTARALINE- Light Body AwakeningASTARALINE - Light Body Awakening

Astaraline is a newly discovered crystal from the Rocky Mountains in the US. It is a combination of Muscovite, Quartz and Cronstedtite (a rare iron silicate). The essence creates a protective shield around one's subtle body, to screen out negative or impure lower frequency vibrations. It infuses the subtle body with high spiritual currents, in order to purify and harmonise one's being. It awakens the light body or Merkaba for the Ascension process, as it raises one's vibration to overcome lower degenerative energies. It promotes the functional alignment of one's inner systems, to overcome destructive habits that have arisen from ancestral memory experience patterns. It connects with the heart, throat and brow chakras, to increase intitive faculties and assist in consciously linking one with the higher self. It clear blockages from the throat chakra, so that one may openly speak of one's inner wisdom. Links to cellular consciousness, organ functions.