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Orchid pic for angel rescue 8                                                    ANGEL RESCUE


This Angel Rescue essence is made from Brassia Spider Orchid, yellow and pink flowered Cattleya, peach-flowered Phaleanopsis, 2 pink Phaleanopsis and Odontioda orchid essences, combined with Actinolite, Amber, Auralite 23, Azurite, Bumble Bee Jasper, Candle Quartz, Empowerite, Eye of the Storm Jasper, Goshenite, Kunzite,  Rhodonite, Richterite, Ruby Aura Quartz, Tibetan Black Quartz, Tremolite, Vivianite, and Yellow Sapphire gem essences.

Keywords: Anxiety, burnout, calling all angels, chaotic energies, despair, desperation, empowering, grounding, exhaustion, nurturing, panic, perseverance, recovery, self-sabotage, self-esteem, shock, calming, stability, strength, suicidal thoughts, emotional support, mental breakdown, survival instinct, trauma, uplifting, gratefulness.

This empowering Angel Rescue Orchid and gem essence combination essence calls in all Archangels and personal Ascended Masters and guides to assist and inspire those who desperately need help in overcoming their anxiety, stress, dread, trauma, panic, dark thoughts, exhaustion or needing to cope with a critical or emergency situation. The Orchid essences help to facilitate the bringing in of higher dimensional universal energy from the Archangels down to the third dimension, to provide an energetic link with the Earth for replenishing our inner reserves. This essence balances all the chakras and stabilizes our energy fields. It alleviates shock and panic, bringing calm in times of stress or conflict. It provides emotional support for those who feel alone and unloved, and clears energy blocks and disharmonious energies from one's auric fields. It instills a positive state of mind, as it dissipates dark moods, despair or feelings of helplessness. It helps one to recover from chaotic upheaval, exhaustion, burn out, trauma or big life changes. For those in difficult or critical situations it stimulates one's survival instincts, and empowers one with the stamina and courage to take action to improve one's life in the most beneficial way, gradually overcoming seemingly insurmountable problems. Angel Rescue essence releases self-sabotage and victim consciousness, and protects one from attracting negative vibrations or bad luck. It uplifts the spirit, promotes a positive outlook and encourages one to be grateful for every enjoyable thing or benefit that come your way.

Links to: Adrenal glands, fight or flight response, serotonin, Amygdala, shortness of breath, brain, heart, hernia, digestive system, heart chakra, intestines, liver, gall bladder, stomach, spleen hands, feet, shoulders, muscles, joints, mucus membranes, immune system, ovaries, prostate, testicles, chronic fatigue, wounds, mental breakdown, eating disorders, serotonin, skeleton.