ANGEL AURA QUARTZ - Inner Peace and Enlightenment

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ANGEL AURA QUARTZ - Inner Peace and EnlightenmentANGEL AURA QUARTZ (A.K.A. Opal Aura) - Inner Peace and Enlightenment.

This costly enhanced form of clear Quartz has undergone a special vacuum and heat treatment, to bond its surface with Platinum and Silver. The result is a beautiful pearlescent, iridescent rainbow-coloured crystal, that offers the therapeutic properties of Quartz, Platinum and Silver. Both an Angel Aura natural crystal cluster and an orb were used to make this special essence. Angel Aura Quartz is well-known for releasing stress, and enhancing one’s ability to experience deep peace, serenity and spiritual awareness. The essence stimulates the pineal gland, and facilitates a higher consciousness connection in mediation with angelic energies, spirit guides and higher realm teachers. It provides insights into one’s spiritual purpose, and promotes the ability to channel higher knowledge and to access the Akashic Records. It offers enhanced mental acuity, strengthens the memory, promotes eloquence of speech and instils the desire to accomplish and complete one's life goals. It works through the silver, white, violet and blue Angelic rays to cleanse, balance and protect the aura, and to remove psychic cords, astral parasites and damaging mental attitudes. It aligns the physical and etheric bodies, purifies and aligns all the chakras, instigates polarity adjustments, and energises one’s spiritual bodies with higher level energies. It strengthens the silver cord that connects the astral body to the physical body, and is an activator of brilliance on all levels of one’s being. It prepares one for the full activation and integration of the Rainbow Lightbody, which leads to the state of enlightenment. It offers strength and courage to those who seek enlightenment.