ANANDALITE - Light Body Activation

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ANANDALITE - Light Body ActivationThe word Ananda means Divine bliss. Anadalite is one of the most powerful gemstones for Light Body activation. It is a relatively new crystal from India, first being offered for sale in 2010. It occurs as clusters of tiny sparkling quartz points. It exhibits iridescent surface flashes in pretty multi-rainbow hues, due to light refraction across naturally occurring, thin surface lamellae, that hold trace inclusions of titanium. Anadalite essence clears emotional blockages in the chakras and meridians. It aligns and reconnects all chakras, and stimulates and activates the entire chakra column, to allow for the gentle awakening of Kundalini energies. In meditation, it can wash currents of ecstatic bliss throughout one’s being, enhance creative expression and reveal one’s true soul purpose. The essence has a special affinity with the heart chakra, rekindling joy, happiness and love, where it has been lost. It destroys self-sabotaging behaviour and destructive patterns. It lifts heaviness and distress from the aura and clears away energies that may manifest in the emotions as constant anxiety and/or melancholy. It provides gentle reassurance (and the equivalent of subtle level crystal hugs!) during times of upheaval. Links to evolutionary change, melancholic states, central nervous system, lungs, heart, lymphatic system and eyes.