AMMOLITE - Survival Instinct

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AMMOLITE - Survival Instinct
AMMOLITE - Survival Instinct

The beautiful iridescent, rainbow-coloured Ammolite is opalised, fossilised Ammonite. It is a rare gemstone, found only in the Bearpaw Formation, near the Rocky Mountains in Canada. It is named after the Egyptian God Ammon, who was represented as a ram with twisted horns. It is primarily composed of aragonite, silica, calcite and pyrite. When worn, the gemstone is said to bring charisma, health, wealth, vitality and good fortune to the wearer. 
Ammolite essence is a powerful karmic cleanser. It stimulates the survival instinct and improves the flow or energy of chi in the meridians. It activates personal empowerment, enhances mental clarity and instils inner happiness, wisdom and serenity. It neutralises negative energies, relieves mental obsessions and alleviates birth trauma. 
Links to stamina, libido, craniosacral flows, depressive states, exhaustion, cell metabolism, labour pain, osteomyelitis, ostitis, tinnitus, cellular memory, pulse, cranium, inner ear, lungs, limbs.