AMBLYGONITE - Releasing Self Sabotage

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AMBLYGONITE - Releasing Self SabotageAMBLYGONITE - Releasing Self Sabotage Brings one's emotional body into balance, to instil calmness and mental clarity. Helps one to cope with intense mental activity or the need to achieve deadlines. Stops agitation, anger and hostility. Calms nerves and helps one to maintain emotional equilibrium. Promotes thoughtfulness and ending of worn out relationships without rancour. Increases self-worth and quells over-sensitivity. Dispels fears and phobias, including those passed on from ancestors or from past lives. Clears, stimulates, strengthens solar plexus chakra and releases subtle hooks from it. Alleviates procrastination. Protects from computer and mobile phone stress. Calms areas of public discontent. Links to attention deficiency disorder, digestion, heartburn, cellular memory, irritable bowel, ulcers, spleen, liver and kidneys.