ALOE - (Panini-awa awa) - Aura Repair

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ALOE - (Panini-awa awa) - Aura RepairALOE - (Panini-awa awa) - Aura Repair

This Hawaiian Aloe thrives in hot, arid rocky conditions. The primary use of this flower essence is to mend holes or tears in the aura. The aura is a subtle energy field that surrounds our physical body. It is a shield that protects us from negative external energies and thought patterns from other beings and the cosmos. Holes in the aura can be caused by witnessing deeply traumatic experiences, or by the use of mind altering substances (such as anaesthetics, over-use of alcohol, social drugs and certain medicines that affect one's behaviour). Some of these causes weaken and shrink the auric envelope until it is so thin that holes start to appear in it. Certain mind-altering substances can expand our energy fields outwards, enabling us to become much more aware of the unseen world around us and of other's thoughts, but uncontrolled, unguarded expansion also leads to tears and holes in the auric shield. As holes appear, our life-giving energy, (our physical vitality, emotional stability and mental focus) starts to drain away through the holes. Also, certain people (energy vampires) can much more easily drain us of energy, and negative entities and thought forms can more easily influence our minds, emotions and beliefs. This is why, after suffering deep trauma or using mind-altering substances, a person may start to suffer from panic attacks, becomes over-anxious/over-sensitive, or develops all kinds of phobias. Aloe flower essence (and also certain gem essences, such as Pink Tourmaline, Blue Chalcedony and Guardianite) attract a large amount of white light into the auric field to close up the holes and tears, and restore one's aura to to its normal vibrant state.