ALABANDITE - Grounding, Centering, Calming

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ALABANDITE - Grounding, Centering, CalmingAlabandite is a manganese sulphide mineral, found in clusters of robust, lustrous, black cubic crystals. The piece used to make this Alabandite gem essence comes from the Peruvian Uchucchacua mine. The Alabandite essence has been made using the indirect method of potentisation. It is profoundly grounding, centering and calming. It is especially beneficial for those who have been knocked completely "off balance” by certain experiences. It relieves stress and instils courage and strength. It helps to keep one’s feet firmly on the ground and one’s mind clear and calm, when one has to "keep things together”, in order to deal with the most trying of circumstances. It helps to maintain mental and emotional balance, so that one can act in an orderly and co-ordinated manner. Links to nervous system, clumsiness, balance, inner ear problems, effects of radiation, Alzheimer's, joint pain, electromagnetic pollution, hair growth, spending excessive time on a computer.