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Keywords: Fierce, snappy, angry, rage, bullying, bad tempered, hostility, irritability, unpredictable, out of control, jealousy.

Ingredients: Cherry Plum, Dill, Holly, Impatiens, Mimulus, Red Clover, Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem, Tiger Lily, Willow, Vine, Dalmation stone, Heliotrope, Jet, Morion Quartz, Pearl, Petalite, Red Tourmaline and Tibetan Black Quartz flower and gem essences.
This for the animal who is fierce or aggressive by nature, and in certain situations becomes unapproachable and unmanageable. This may because the animal is hurt or ill, has been treated badly, is starving, or is defending its territory or its young. It will spit, bit, peck, bare its teeth, kick or make a lot of noise when approached, to show that it feels threatened. Cherry Plum and Star of Bethlehem essences are to help an animal that has been abused. Holly is for rage, jealousy, fighting or biting tendencies, and where the animal doesn’t want to be touched. Willow is for bad-tempered, sulky animals, who harbour hostile thoughts and are jealous of other animals. Vine is for an animal that uses inappropriate aggression to establish dominance over other animals or over what they regard as their territory. Pearl calms fractious behaviour, and Impatiens is for snappy or intolerant animals.
(We rescued a cat from a neighbour who had died. It was "hissy", scratchy and quite dangerous. The neighbour’s relative had even threatened to shoot it! Gradually, over time, and with a little help from this essence, this cat was transformed into a very characterful animal, who even though he had long term health problems, become a loving and loyal lap cat).