AGATE (TURRITELLA) - Harmonious Relationships

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AGATE (TURRITELLA) - Harmonious RelationshipsTURRITELLA AGATE - Harmonious Relationships

Turritella Agate is a attractive crystal conglomeration of fossilised seabed shells in earthy-brown chalcedony quartz. Carrying the stone is said to protect travellers from danger, harm or accidents. Turritella essence overcomes emotional disharmony or bitterness of the heart, promotes marital fidelity, fosters love, and disperses past grievances that stand in the way of a healthy relationship. It dispels pomposity, diminishes a superiority complex and improves concentration, perception and analytical abilities. It stimulates the base chakra to promote stability, composure, inner strength and maturity. It dispels any burning desire for things one does not need. It stimulates the base chakra to overcome lethargy, apathy, spaciness, flightiness, or a feeling of disconnection from reality. It helps to make one more aware of dangers whilst travelling. Links to heart muscle, blood vessels, stamina, fertility, baby blues, itching, insect bites, skin rashes, lesions, fever, absorption of nutrients, varicose veins.Take essence by mouth or rub a few drops in water on a problem site. If feeling over-heated, gently rub a few drops mixed with water on the forehead.