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This gem essence is made from one the rarest stones in the world. The beautiful Blue/violet Ellensburg Blue agate is found only in small pockets of glacial debris near Ellensburgh, Kittiwas county, Washington. (Much of the Ellensburg Blue Agate being sold today is in fact Blue Chalcedony or Blue Lace Agate.) This agate was much prized by Native Americans for its ability to gift the wearer with an enhanced ability to see and speak the truth. Ellensburg Blue Agate essence can instil a wonderful and calming feeling of relief in one. Its frequency of buoyancy and lightness helps to relieve stress, and it also calms angry, over-passionate, fearful and resentful states. It stimulates the third eye to enhance inner visions, and facilitates communication of insignts and higher truths. It links the throat and heart chakras to enable one to express inner knowledge through art, poetry and music. It dispels mental chatter, so that one can maintain meditative or trance states more easily. The essence promotes understanding and compassion, and can instil the confidence to share one's own truths, thoughts and experiences.
Links to throat, burns, fevers, skin tightness, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, itchiness, vocal cords.