ADAMITE - Exuberance

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ADAMITE - Exuberance
Adamite - Exuberance

Keywords: Enthusiasm, joy of life, creativity, dynamism, determination, entrepreneurial skills, inner feeling of well-being, mood lightening, overcoming passivity, perseverance.

This gem essence was made from a beautiful pale lemon group of Adamite crystals from the Ojuela mine in Mexico. The indirect double glass essence making technique was employed, owing to the crystal's softness and it's zinc arsonate content. Potentisation of the essence was enhanced via the use of a copper pyramid, made to the same dimensions as the Egyptian Great Pyramid. 
Adamite enhances the alignment of the heart and solar plexus, to create emotional equilibrium, mental clarity and inner strength. It clears sluggish energy in the meridian system and increases one's desire for action and physical activity. It instils enthusiasm, creativity, dynamism and determination, to help one achieve important life goals. It aids one in discovering one's true passion in life, and also builds up trust in the Universe's ability to meet all one's necessary needs in order to achieve one's life purpose. It helps one to confidently move forward into an unknown future, as well as enhancing the ability to be able to identify new avenues for growth in both ones' business and personal life.
The essence assists in the ability to communicate one's emotional feelings. It enhances consultations with the inner self and helps to direct one towards the answer to a problem. It assists in opening one's awareness to contact with angels, departed spirits and higher dimensional beings. Adamite is an important gem essence for readers, mediums, clairvoyants and psychic healers, as it increases one's subtle sensitivity and receptivity, as well as enhancing the clarity of the messages sent and received.
Adamite transmutes negativity before it has a chance to penetrate one's aura. It also guards against psychic vampirism, by maintaining the frequency of joyful exuberance and enthusiasm.
Links to adrenal glands, serotonin, oxytocin, pituitary and pineal glands, mood regulation, thyroid, lungs, throat, cellular memory, endocrine system, glands, S.A.D., P.M.S., cyclical hormones, fatigue, and weight loss via exercise. Re-awakens sexual interest within long-term loving relationships.