ACTINOLITE - Moving Forward

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ACTINOLITE - Moving ForwardACTINOLITE - Moving forward

Actinolite is a pretty, clear, light green gemstone, that has striations along its length much like the tourmaline crystals. Actinolite essence brings positive energy into your life. It cleanses and protects the heart chakra, and offers inner strength, patience, harmony, balance and equilibrium to help you adjust and recover from life changes, chaotic upheaval, stress or trauma. It places a protective shield around you to repel yours and others' negative thoughts, which may also prevent you from attracting bad luck and negative vibrations towards you. Links to metabolism, adrenals, liver, kidneys, immune system, chronic states, asbestos. Take a few essence drops by mouth, or add them to water in an atomiser, to spray around your aura.