AB. LIGHTEN UP - Bach Flower Combination

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AB. LIGHTEN UP - Bach Flower Combination


This Bach Flower essence combination contains Agrimony, Autumn Gentian,Elm, Gorse, Hornbeam, Larch, Mustard, Oak, Olive, Pine, SweetChestnut, Walnut, Wild Oat and Wild Rose essences.

Keywords:  Black moods, despair, melancholy, hopelessness, distress, despondence, all hope abandoned, dread, powerlessness, pessimism, dissolution, perseverance, discouragement, optimism, confidence, light-heartedness, will to live, desire to overcome challenges.

Lighten Up combination Bach Flower essence is for these difficult times when many are feeling are feeling distressed, discouraged, despondent, out of sorts, fearful and disempowered. It is designed to alleviate dark thoughts, anguish, deep despair, gloom, inner turmoil, apathy or extreme pessimism. The essences replace those negative emotions with light-heartedness, the ability to laugh, have confidence and the faith, perseverance and optimism that one's challenges and problems will be overcome.

Links to SAD, dark thoughts and depressive moods, emotional equilibrium, lack of energy, mental imbalance, digestive problems.