A. CALM DOWN - Bach Flower Essence Combination

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A. CALM DOWN - Bach Flower Essence Combination

Calm Down - Bach flower essence combination

This Bach Flower combination essence contains Beech, Cherry Plum, Clematis, Elm, Holly, Hornbeam, Pine, Impatiens, Rock Rose,Star of Bethlehem, Vervain and White Chestnut flower essences.

Keywords:emotional and mental calmness, emotional stability, panic, dread,tension, dynamic equilibrium, inner peace, tolerance of others, taking positive action to improve one's emotional state

Dr. Edward Bach believed the flower essences he chose had particular beneficial effects on human emotions, to enable a person to return to a state of dynamic equilibrium, that if not remedied, might otherwise eventually lead to a physical imbalance.

This Bach flower essence combination is designed to alleviate states of deep anxiety, great fear, persistent worry, irritability, short temper, panic, trauma,shock, over-emotional states, intolerance of others, obsessional fears, getting up tight over small matters, fear of going mad, over-effort, hypertension, burn-out or hysteria. It alleviates over-exhaustion, a feeling of being overwhelmed by one's responsibilities, or the need to constantly criticize, change, control or blame others when things go wrong. It grounds and centres one, overcomes tension and and instils mental and emotional calmness. It instigates an inner resolve to take positive action, the ability to endure and cope with day to day annoyances and challenges, and the ability to let go of deep discontent or destructive impulses/obsessions. It brings relief from incessant mental chatter and discourages one from dwelling on unresolvable internal arguments.

Links to: - Exhaustion, break-down, insomnia, violent temper, aggressive unhappiness with one's life, digestive system, nervous system, adrenaline, adrenal glands, amygdala, pineal gland, brain hemispheres.