A. 11.11.11 ESSENCE (Sacred Place Essence)

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About The Energy Wave  Released On 11.11.11

We are living in such exciting times of change on subtle levels. A great portal was opened on 11.11.11. by Ra, the Lord of the Sun. As our sun circles around the great central sun, Alcyone, it reacts to the varying pulls and pushes of other stellar bodies and space influences by releasing or withholding varying amounts of its gases and radiation, according to which quadrant of the Universe it is travelling through on its 26,000 year cycle.  Ra calls these gases and radiation combinations the "Helios" energy.  The particular Helios energy that was radiated out from the sunís surface on 11.11.11. will continue to be sent out on into January 2012. It is an energy for balancing and re-harmonizing male and female energies, via the four sacred elements. This has not been possible for many thousands of years, since the separation of the complete human into male and female genders. Since that time the sexes have gradually moved more and more mentally and emotionally apart from each other. Men in general have become more left-brained, analytical, aggressive, active and insensitive, and women in general have become more right-brained, sensitive, intuitive, passive, dependent and emotional. There will be a calming of the over-active male principle, which can lead to over-aggression, intolerance, extreme domination, weaponry development and war. And there is a return of the lost active female principle, which will lead to women being more forthright, creative and active, to be perceived as equals of men, and judged by their talents and character, and not by their gender. 

About the 11.11.11 Essence

This unique environmental essence was made on the Great Pyramid of Giza on 11.11.1., despite great challenges on that day. Those few of us who were blessed to be there could feel great energy light waves travelling through the pyramid from the sun, as we were surrounded, and on occasions harassed, by military guards and tourist police. This very special essence was made with the aid of a clear quartz crystal in white spring water, carried all the way from Glastonbury. Itís healing message was reinforced a day later with thanks to a group of 50, who toned for two hours in the Kingís chamber within the Great Pyramid. 

What to use the 11.11.11 essence for

Keywords: Integration and balance of male and female energies, balancing and stabilising emotions, overcoming duality, achieving life purpose, tolerance, intuitive awareness, linking to one's twin soul, reinstating the four sacred elements, re-instigating subtle functions of the codons.

This essence is for those who wish to unite their male and female energies on an emotional and mental level, through the balancing of the four sacred elements of earth, wind, fire and water.  The 11.11.11 energies are designed to balance, but not suppress, the emotions that are expressed through these four sacred elements. Balancing all four of the sacred elements within one brings emotional stability and an end to duality. Thus it opens the door to the fourth dimension. This 11.11.11 essence increases intuitive awareness, past life recall and channelling prowess. It enables stronger links to be made with our twin souls and with beings from higher dimensions such as angels, guides, ascended masters and benign space visitors. This essence empowers one to fully realise oneís life purpose, unhampered by the emotional limitations of what is expected of oneís gender.   Use this essence to decrease bullying tendencies and promote tolerance of others. It can also be used to contact oneís inner spark of consciousness to overcome victimisation. As a more androgynous state of being begins to occur, both sexes can expect an increase in empathy and tolerance of others on the one hand, and an increase in the ability to stand up for what is right on the other hand

How the 11.11.11. Helios energy will achieve the integration of male and female energies. 

The physical body is composed of the four sacred elements. Fire governs digestion, wind governs breathing, water governs the circulatory and waste removal systems, and earth governs our basic structure of bones and tissues. However on an emotional level, males and females are governed primarily by only two of the elements each.  From channelling, the two primary female emotional sacred elements are Fire (hot and dry) and Water (cool and wet). The two primary male emotional elements are Earth (hot and wet), and Air (cool and dry). Each of the sacred elements have a strong or weak effect in a given emotional experience. As each of the genders have only two primary sacred elements each they tend to swing or see-saw between the emotional extremes of one or the other to a greater or lesser extent, depending on their star sign. When humans return to having four fully functioning primary emotional sacred elements there is much more emotional stability and control, and a move away from the perceived duality of human existence. 

This essence, which holds the 11.11.11 Helios energy, helps to boost the balanced integration of  male and female energies by creating over the heart chakra a subtle level four armed cross, combining all four of the sacred elements. The crossed arms of the four sacred elements form the shape of the symbol for a kiss. So the more the 11.11.11. essence is used the stronger the exchange of sacred  element energies will be with our twin souls.  As the element arms cross over each other at the heart chakra, the fifth sacred element of Ether is created in the centre. The Ether element the creates a line of energy straight upwards from the heart centre via the pineal gland and the crown chakra to link with spirit. Spirit responds by sending a line of energy straight down through the Ether line to create the Love energy line, which moves down through the heart chakra in the direction of the solar plexus chakra. Many people who have felt a deep longing to return "home", but didnít know where "home" was, will soon experience a re-linking to Source within them, and so will no longer feel that unexplained lonlieness.  The four sacred element energy lines, plus the Ether and the Love lines, form a six pointed star, which, when you place the number one on each of the end points, makes six ones  - 11.11.11. Some think of this six pointed star as being the Seal of Solomon or Star of David. However this 11.11.11 six pointed star is not the Seal of Solomon or the Star of David. It is not the symbol of any particular country.  It is the symbol of balanced male and female energies, known as the Merkabah or vehicle of Ascension. 

The two strands of human DNA are composed of four proteins, Guanine, Thymine, Cytosine and  Adenine.  The two DNA strands are linked to each other like a zipper, and together they are subdivided into 64 sections, called codons. Each of these codons is composed of three DNA base pairs, which make up the individual genetic instructions to control the development and functioning of all living beings. The separating of the original human into male and female genders many thousands of years ago caused the shutting down of the codons which would have led to the development of both male and female characteristics within one human being. A side effect of this separation of male and female characteristics caused only codons one to twenty to remain activated. Unlike codons one to twenty, codons twenty-one to sixty-four contain genetic instructions for the development and functioning of our subtle intuitive abilities and an inner realisation of our link to spirit, as well as other useful physical functions. Through channelling, it would appear that switching off the instructions for the development of both male and female characteristics in each human being, by adding an artificial codon stop code, caused a break in the ability of the living being to read and therefore make use of the total codon sequence. No humans since then (except those created with the assistance of higher dimensional DNA), have been able to jump the codon sequence break. So over the last several thousand years human beings as a whole have gradually lost their intuitive abilities and link to Source. The Helios energy held in the 11.11.11. essence helps to initiate an electromagnetic light encoded message to stimulate the speedier dissolving of the artificial stop codon between codons 20 and 21. Then the  mental and emotional "androgenation", integration and balance of the male and female energies can begin as desired, together with the re-initiation of the subtle level functions. These subtle level functions will bring greater intuitive awareness, access to past life knowledge 

Links to: higher dimensions and entry to the Akashic records, depressive states