So Beautiful Spritzer (50ml)

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So Beautiful Spritzer (50ml)The 50ml "So Beautiful" Spritzer contains Rose Maroc absolute essential oil and organic rosewater, as well as Orchid flower and gem essences.
It can protect your aura and skin from the damaging, drying, ageing and tiring effects of electromagnetic pollution. To use, pump a little of the "So Beautiful" into your hand from the product-economising spritzer bottle. Rub hands together and pat over the face and throat. It can be worn over moisturiser, and under or over make-up. Whilst not harmful to eye tissue, it might sting a little, so avoid getting it in the eyes. Wash out any "So Beautiful" accidentally splashed in the eyes with warm water. Replenish daily when working with computers, or more often if your work environment is very hot.