LOTUS (Pink) - (Nelumbo nucifer) - Pure Harmony

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LOTUS (Pink)  - (Nelumbo nucifer) - Pure HarmonyLOTUS (Pink) - (Nelumbo nucifer) - Pure Harmony

The pink Lotus essence encourages harmony and balance in every aspect of life. It opens and harmonises the chakras, and brings them into alignment with the meridians, nadis and subtle bodies. Overcomes stress. Calms the mind. Neutralises states of toxicity that prevent vibrational essences from healing. Amplifies effects of other flower essences. Cleanses and strengthens the aura. Provides support structure for any healing activity, and ensures client will avoid a healing crisis following treatment.
Links to crown chakra, pineal gland, heart, liver, spleen, tissue repair, longevity, obsessive states.