WHITE PEONY (Magdalene flowers)

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WHITE PEONY (Magdalene flowers)Keywords: Neutralising malicious thought patterns, restoring one's good name, restoring self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence, overcoming character assassination and judgementalism, promoting open-mindedness, awareness of sacred spark within.
This beautiful White Peony essence was made in the Languedoc near Carcassonne, at a sacred portal not far from the site of an ancient oratory, where there is a ancient black Madonna. A channelled message came from Mary Magdalene through a friend, to make a white Peony flower essence to add to the Magdalene flowers range. This essence is for neutralising unjust, malicious fabrications, harmful gossip and character denigration, due to jealousy, manipulation, control, competition or fear. Peony awakens our inner perception, via the Pineal gland, to make one aware of the sacredness of oneís spirit within our physical selves. By filling one with light, through increasing higher frequency flows through the pineal, crown and solar plexus chakras, this essence instils one with much greater self-belief, self-esteem and self-confidence. It promotes open-mindedness and overcomes judgemental attitudes. White Peony neutralises the barbs of malicious thought, that are so harmful to the ultimate emotional and physical well-being of sensitive people. Where a thought form has been created by stimulating a number of people to pour hateful, vengeful and destructive thoughts upon another, such as through the use of the media, religion or government, anyone choosing to support that maligned individual, whether they are still living or not, and even hundreds of years later, may also find themselves subjected to the same kind of character assassination and denigration that the original maligned individual was subjected to. This is because the thought form has been kept alive in the minds of the originatorís heirs and those they influence, and it then acts as an negative wish trigger whenever the maligned individualís name is mentioned. Peony essence instils courage, clarity, inspiration and an inner knowing of the truth within those open-minded individuals who seek to clear someoneís name, reputation or business from unjust judgement. Peony essence helps them to succeed in their endeavour, and when they do, the thought form is deprived of further sustenance, and can no longer adversely affect peopleís belief patterns.