STROMATOLITE - Evolutionary Change Aid

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STROMATOLITE - Evolutionary Change AidSTROMATOLITE - Evolutionary Change Aid

Stromatolite stones are characterised by their attractive brown, grey and cream striations, that have been created from the remains of fossilized cyanobacteria (blue-green algae.) They lived in tropical seas for millions of years and survived many changes and stresses. They are believed to have created the oxygen on our planet. Stromatolite essence aids the planned  spiritual evolutionary shift for humanity by protecting all levels of one's being from insidious brainwashing and psychic attacks, and especially where damaging thought forms have been created through the use of constantly repeated hypnotic commands/psychic enchantment, either in secret or through the media.This essence blocks the dark forces' desire to weaken the silver cord, which is the body's life force link to its spirit, which can make one more vulnerable to infections. It increases one's subtle energy flow and tolerance to stress, and instils one with resilience, versatility and temperance. It removes blockages, harmful implants and psychic attachments, and also imprinted mental programmes that have been deeply ingrained, but are no longer relevant. It encourages one to learn from past experiences and to see them as an aid to personal growth. It helps one to walk away from disagreements whilst still standing in one's own power and maintaining one's own point of view.
Links to base and heart chakras, thymus, throat, hands, feet, oxygenation, fertility, Parkinson's, brain function, organ protection from over-production of adrenaline, silver cord maintenance, neurotransmitters, bones, teeth, kidneys, bladder, elimination of toxins, passage of fluid through body and brain, convalescence, Earth cleansing.