ROSY GARLIC (Allium roseum) (Magdalene Flowers)

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ROSY GARLIC (Allium roseum) (Magdalene Flowers)Keywords: Detoxifying, overcoming grief, loss and inappropriate cultural programming, resistance to negative influences.
This pretty, soft pink flowering orb of Rosy Garlic, was made into an essence near to a site sacred to Mary Magdalene at Rennes Les Bains. It is linked to the element of water and is a purifier on many levels. The essence promotes the release of heavy emotional toxins from those suffering from grief of loss. It calms anger and fear, and helps one to cast off grudges, judgement, resentment and old hidden grief. The essence is particularly important for helping one disengage from harmful or inappropriate cultural programming, for example various moral, political or religious beliefs. Mary was frowned upon for flaunting her opposition to the cultural programming of her time, when she burst into a men-only mealtime, uncovered her hair in public, and then anointed a man in public, which then only the Rabbis were allowed to do. This essence promotes a sense of wholeness, and can be used to build resistance to negative influences through creating stronger subtle boundaries and a more unified, resilient sense of self.