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INSPIRATION ANGEL SPRAYArchangels Gabriel, HanielZadkiel, Jophiel and Chamuel

The essences included in this Inspiration Angel Orchid and Gem essence Spray are Phalaenopsis Malibou Stripes, white Phaleanopsis, Orange Cattleya, purple Vanda and yellow Oncidium orchid essences and Amber, Aquamarine, Ametrine, golden Chrysoberyl, Diamond, Crocoite,Fire Opal, Himalayan Gold Azeztulite, Iolite, Moldavite, Muscovite, blue Quartz, Peridot, blue Sapphire, Satyaloka Quartz, violet and orange Scapolite, Selenite, Tanzanite and Vanadinite gem essences.Included in the Be Inspired Angel Orchid Spray are the uplifting, enlivening and clarifying essential oils of Allspice, Basil, Black Spruce, Cinnamon, Honey Myrtle, Lime, Palo Santo, Rosemary and Rosewood.
Keywords: - Inspiration, creativity, imagination, motivation, clarity, confidence, focus, sharpening intellect and intuition, aligning higher self with physical mind, enhancing communication skills, opening higher chakras for divine guidance, removing writers block, progress, manifesting goals, drive, organisation, perseverance.

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