XA FREEDOM (15ml Magdalene Combination Essence)

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XA FREEDOM (15ml Magdalene Combination Essence)This is a combination of Blue Gromwell, Calendula, Cistus, Globe Rampion, Pink Bindweed, Rose, Rosy Garlic, Spanish Broom and White Peony flower essences.
Keywords: Freedom, persecution, uniqueness, releasing
Many people associate Mary Magdalene with Venus, the Goddess of Love, and believe that her re-emergence in popularity to-day is simply for promoting love and light. But it is difficult to love oneself and others if you are being victimised or persecuted for who and what you are. If one’s soul purpose is to be a pioneer, to promote spiritual expansion, to overcome bigotry, or to change humanity for the better, but it is continually thwarted lifetime after lifetime, the spirit keeps returning to try to finish its uncompleted life purpose. This is particularly the case where soul fragments lost through trauma, need to be re-integrated, to return the soul to completeness. These people often subconsciously carry with them the fear and expectation of being persecuted for being heretical or different, but this doesn’t stop them from being heretical or different, as they have opted to complete that soul purpose. So this essence is primarily for removing the expectation of being persecuted for being different or heretical. It heals souls scars, and sweeps away past memories, negative karmic patterning inherited from ancestors, brain-washing, negative belief programming and emotional blockages, that keep us locked into victim mode, lifetime after lifetime. The essence promotes spiritual expansion and fosters a love of freedom. It instils the courage to stand up for oneself, as well as a comfortable acceptance of just being our natural selves. It removes fear-based ties and restrictions within the subtle bodies. It releases co-dependence, and with intent, it also reintegrates soul fragments.