BLUE QUARTZ - Divine Assistance

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BLUE QUARTZ - Divine AssistanceBLUE QUARTZ - Divine Assistance

Blue Quartz is also called Dumortierite by some, but my specimen is a soft grey-blue without any black lines running through it, so I prefer to call it Blue Quartz. This Blue Quartz essence balances the throat chakra, activates the third eye and clears blockages from the chakras and the meridians. It enhances one’s learning capacity, and helps one to retain information and recall forgotten memories. It releases fear of aging, and is particularly useful during past life sessions for reconnection with skills or information one may have had in another lifetime. It promotes mental clarity and orderliness. It increases self-reliance and enhances self-discipline, concentration and organisational abilities, thus reducing problems caused by a scattered mind and disorganisation. It boosts creativity, shifts writers block, and discourages narrow thinking and stubbornness. It weakens the Heavy Metal and Tubercular miasms.It aids those who do channelling or psychic work, as it enhances intuitive abilities, self-expression, telepathy and the ability to tune into specific guides, channels or information. It assists in spiritual development and in meditation. It absorbs negative energy and is a protective stone linked to Archangel Michael. Links to lungs, throat, thymus, thyroid, parathyroid, parasympathetic ganglia, toxins, immune system, gold, iodine, iron, oxygen and B vitamins, cooling, spleen, endocrine system, over-stimulation, hyperactivity, radiation and electromagnetic smog.